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Exhibition Catalogue and Videos Dynamic Stasis catalog!
The work is all shipped, the essay and design are done, and we're about to go to print / head off to South Africa!
(and our iteration letterpress: a larger, variable edition somewhere in the vein of 40...) Ta da! (pictures)
Catching up!
Wood on the router Jessica and Nathaniel, Week 10
Printing wood
Animal Abstraction (original) Jessica and Nathaniel, Week 9
A decision
Studio wall… Jessica and Nathaniel, Week 8
Begin mounting and framing
The Mountain! We're still not sure what to call this one… Jessica and Nathaniel, Week 7
Paper layers
Drying a print at the litho press Dynamic Stasis, Week 6
The editioned woodcut. Title: The Midst Nathaniel and Jessica, Week 5
Lithos, woodcuts + planning = OH MY!
Etching sketch 1 Etching a New Orleans video, Week 4
Print loves video loves print tentative title: Cartwheel Jessica making prints to overlay on Nathaniel's cartwheeling video, Week 3
Digital print proofs - overlays coming soon! Proofing begins! Nathaniel Stern and Jessica Meuninck-Ganger, Week 2
This week, we've begun proofing our prints, to size, to mount to our LCD screens.
Playing with new frames, prepping for drawing of seagull triptych tentative title: animal abstraction Dynamic Stasis: Jessica Meuninck-Ganger and Nathaniel Stern online residency, Week 1
From 9 July - mid-September, Jessica Meuninck-Ganger and Nathaniel Stern will be posting weekly photos of their work-in-progress!

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