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Jessica and Nathaniel, Week 10

Printing wood

Thanks to those of you who emailed us last week about which version of Animal Abstraction to use - we've nearly decided...

I can't believe we're already wrapping up this show! As our last two bits of 'making,' first, we've got a new kind of mono-vid. These are one-of-a-kind print and video works utilizing techniques and technologies we normally edition with - we usually draw with markers right on our screens! This as-yet untitled piece, shot in Los Angeles earlier this year, uses layers of paper and ink and cut outs instead of Sharpie (image coming soon). And second, are our 'wood prints,' which were hand-drawn, scanned, traced, and then turned into layers for a 3D router to cut away in hard wood. Many thanks to Associate Professor of Art and Design, Frankie Flood, for all his help with the latter!

We have a studio visit with a curator today, a photo shoot tomorrow, and a video shoot the next day - so here's hoping everything goes smoothly. Next week's post may be a bit late. For one thing, Nathaniel is in New Mexico sending Tweets in Space. For another, we want to post some of the amazing photos that Jessica Kaminski will be taking for us, once she sends them our way - and it may take a bit of time to sort through them and adjust colors and contrast (etc). Then it's on to the catalog essay and design, plus shipping the work to Joburg! 

Thanks for following our journey so far - photos of Frankie's work with us in UWM's Digital Craft Research lab are below.
Still making a few minor adjustments, then we'll be slicing off the bottom here for a flat, thick edge, and also printing a black line across that bottom element, continuing part of the print (there will be two printed wood pieces on either side of our video+print, making a triptych). These will also be mounted on white shelves that match the white wood frames.

More in, probably, 2 weeks!

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Click the image for a view of: Wood on the router
Wood on the router
Click the image for a view of: Software and layout
Software and layout
Click the image for a view of: Cutting / printing
Cutting / printing
Click the image for a view of: Close up of our 'plate'
Close up of our 'plate'
Click the image for a view of: After the piece is cut / print!
After the piece is cut / print!
Posted: 2012/09/11 (05:30:43)

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